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The Animamates were the henchmen of Sailorgalaxia during her exploration of the star seeds on earth. Particularly, the Animamates included Sailor Ironmouse, Sailor Aluminumsiren, Sailor Leadcrow, and Sailor Tinnyanko. Their mission was to collect the remaining star seeds on earth, particularly those of the Sailor Senshi. In the manga, there were a few more Animamates that tired to carry out the mission, but failed.

Sailor Ironmouse was the first Animamate to appear in the Sailorstars series, commanded by Galaxia to collect the star seeds of the Sailor Senshi. She had the longest run in the anime. She goes undercover in her civilian form by the name of Nezu Chuuko. She pretends to be a TV producer, and Journalist, always appearing in a pinstripe business suit. She appears to be the most independent of the Animamates, compared to Aluminumsiren and Leadcrow, but she was probably the most unsuccessful at retrieving the star seeds. Probably, the most important quality about her is her character. Out of all of the Animamates, she is very cute, and certainly the least boring. After many failed attempts of trying to retrieve the star seeds, Galaxia grew impatient with her failure and got rid of her, and retrieved the bracelets she gave to Ironmouse. After Ironmouse’s death arose Sailor Aluminumsiren to carry out the mission.

Sailor Aluminumsiren was the second Animamate to carry out Galaxia’s plan for universal domination. During her introduction to Sailormoon, she even gave her a card, which was thought to be very kawaii and very clumsy. Her civilian name was Aya Reiko. The third animamate, Sailor Leadcrow, was sent by Galaxia to look after Aluminumsiren, as Leadcrow was her mentor. Like Sailoruranus and Neptune, Leadcrow and Aluminumsiren, always stuck together, and sometimes drove each other crazy like sisters. In time, they grew to be best friends. Aluminumsiren also happened to have bad habits as well. One of her most notable features was that whenever she got nervous, she would eat. Like Ironmouse, she failed miserably in collecting the star seeds, and she was also killed by Galaxia, in front of Sailor Leadcrow. Aluminumsiren knew about the identities of the Inner Senshi and the Sailorstars, and was about to tell Galaxia but was killed before she had the chance.

Greatly depressed, Sailor Leadcrow was to continue the mission, but without the aid of her best friend. Leadcrow’s civilian name was Karasuma Akane. Immediately as her heels, Sailorgalaxia sent Sailor Tinnyanko, the final Animamate in the anime to try and continue the job as well. Leadcrow tried to cooperate with Tinnyanko, but Tinnyanko had an agenda of her own. She wanted the credit all to herself, and she had Crow do most of the work. Sailor Leadcrow did not last much further after the death of Aluminumsiren. A few episodes later, Sailor Leadcrow was killed by Tinnyanko, as she was trapped within a black hole of energy, sucking her in. During her final minutes of life, Leadcrow gasped, "Siren," and then past away. Tinnyanko was the only one left to continue Galaxia’s mission.

Sailor Tinnyanko, is what you consider, the "bad-ass" of the Animamates. She is certainly the most selfish of them all. Her dedication is to the mission and to please Galaxia. Not many people like her because of Leadcrow’s death, and her really annoying voice (may you be forwarned if you haven’t seen the anime yet). Tinnayanko disguised herself as Suzu Nyanko and was enrolled in high school as an exchange student from Libya. In time, she and Usagi became friends, and was in fact almost healed by Sailormoon. Sailormoon removed one of the two bracelets she wore which were Galaxia’s. Before she could remove the other, Galaxia killed her, and that was the end of the animamates in the anime.

Extra manga Animamates (whom in my opinion, are less interesting)…

Sailor Lethe and Mnemosyne were two servants of Galaxia. They both guarded two rivers, one of memory loss, and one of memory. Lethe almost killed Sailormoon, but Mnemosyne had prevented her from continuing on. They died in each other’s arms by Sailor Chi and Phi.

Sailor Chi and Phi are very annoying, perhaps even more than Tinnyanko. They are also helpers of Galaxia. The only significant thing about them is that they killed the Sailor Lethe and Mnemosyne and Princess Kakyuu. That’s why they are such "bad-asses".

Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion only appears for one act in the manga and turns spirits she stole crystals, into butterflies (Very corny). -.-

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