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With the littlest ounce of strength over Chaos, Galaxia knew that she had to find a warrior in the universe that could control and defeat Chaos. With her little strength she had left, she sent the light of hope, which was her star seed to find the warrior. And after that, Galaxia had lost control, and the universe was once again vulnerable to Chaosí will and possible conquering.

The light of hope, happened to be in the form of ChibiChibi. In the anime, she first appears in the anime, she falls out of the sky with her umbrella. She then started to follow Usagi and Luna, and then they noticed her, in which Usagi tried to figure her name out. ChibiChibi blurted out her name, as is the only word she could speak at the time. She was a todler. Later that day, she went to the Tsukino household and hypnotized her family into thinking that she was Usagiís sister that she left behind that day. After that, naturally, the Sailor Senshi grew curious as to who ChibiChibi was, and her origin, as she completely was unkown to the Sailor Senshi. Even though, she continue to parade within the Senshi and their affairs.

Little is known about her from there until the end. She does play an interesting and mysterious role in the anime. Episode 187 reveals more about this kawaii-pie. She was revealed to be Sailor ChibiChibimoon, and saved the Senshi. She sent a blast into the air that all of the Senshi felt including Galaxia, while in battle against Sailor Aluminumsiren. She is a very sweet person, especially to the Senshi including Princess Kakyuu, and has proven herself countless times, including saving Eternal Sailormoon. In episode 193, Usagiís star seed was being taken by Sailor Tinnyanko, until ChibiChibi came in between them, in which they were sucked in a black hole. ChibiChibi broke both of them out of the hole with a powerful beam of light.

During the final episodes of Sailorstars, the true nature of ChibiChibi was revealed to the remaining Senshi. She revealed to Eternal Sailormoon, in the final two episodes that she was the light of hope, and that she was actually Galaxiaís star seed. Usagi was the chosen warrior, powerful to stop Chaosí terror among the citizens of the universe. She showed her true identity and turned into Eternal Sailormoonís sword, and forced Usagi to fight Chaosí opposition. However, Chaos, broke the sword, and ChibiChibi died bleeding and floating unconscious in mid-air. Sailormoon hugs her and then she disappears. She was later revived by Usagi along with the other Senshi. Later in the end, ChibiChibi thanked Usagi, and they left.

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