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If you would like to contact me regarding this site, question, comment, inquiry, etc., below are a few ways to do so. Please note that some methods of contacting me are better than others. Thank you.

  • email
    This is the best way to get a hold of me. You can email me at these email addies:, or I use both email addresses frequently, so I'll be able to receive your message and respond quicker.

  • icq network
    If you have an urgent message for me, or need to speak to me immediately, my ICQ # is 16326582. I am invisible sometimes, so it may be hard getting a hold of me.

  • mb forum
    In the Horizons Message Board, you can write down messages for me, if you can't through Email. I check this almost daily, so I won't miss your message.

  • aol instant messenger
    Like ICQ, this is for urgent messages for me, or if you wish to chat with me online. My screen names are Marrow16 and ChaziePie. Look me up with my email address.

  • yahoo chat
    I'm usually on the chat rooms, if I'm not working on my page or completely bored. My aliases are: Marrow_07 and/or rocket_bird.

  • guestbook
    If you just have a general comment about this site, I suggest you sign the guestbook located on the main page. I appreciate your comments about this site.

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