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As you know, creating a website takes a lot of effort and time on your part, and others who help along the way. According to how one person or program has aided the construction of Golden Light, they are listed under a category that specifies how he/she/it has helped. To everyone listed in here, I give my sincere thanks and gratitude, and without you, Golden Light would not be before your very eyes...

Thank you for...


>> Anna - on layout and images
>> Chibz - on layout and content
>> Haruko - on layout and content
>> LaKeiC - on layout and content
>> Liliy - on layout
>> Stargoddess - on content
>> Vicki - on layout and content

>> - terminology
>> Hitoshi Doi - for general info.
>> - analysis
>> Tom - for extensive info.

>> Carley - for screenshots
>> Janice - for transparent .gif files
>> Stargoddess - for screenshots
>> GlacierWeb - for guestbook
>> NedStat - for counter
>> Paint Shop Pro - for editing
>> Tripod Inc. - for webspace

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