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This may be the place that has answers to your questions toward this shrine. Pleased be advised, that before Emailing me, with a question, read these questions and see if your question is answered in these FAQ's (frequently asked questions). If you do in fact Email me with a question that has been answered in these FAQ's, then I will purposefully send you an Email, saying simply: "read my FAQ's". And that should be about it. If you do have a question not answered in the FAQ's, then by all means, Email me with your question, and I would be happy to reply. ^_^

>> Are you Galaxia?

No, I am not Sailorgalaxia, my name is Charles, and I am the creator of this Sailorgalaxia shrine.

>> If you are not Galaxia, then who is?

The very anime character you are going to learn about within this shrine. Galaxia is not a real character, but an anime character in Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. The person who is the voice actress of Galaxia is Horie Mitsuko.

>> Which webpage services are you affiliated with?

I am affiliated with Tripod Webpage Services Inc., and Xoom, which houses the movies and sounds to this shrine. These are both free services.

>> Which image editor(s) do you use?

I primarily use Paint Shop Pro, if I need help, I would ask a friend, hehe ^_^.

>> Can I use some of the images found in this shrine?

Well, yes and no. If you are referring to the images found within the image galleries: some of the images will be able to use. Some other images will not be available for usage simply because they are images that belong to someone else that I have obtained permission from. Any other image found within this site is not allowed for you and other vistors to use.

>> Can you Email me a file (in general)?

Maybe, if it is a picture you want, then I'll probably ask you to search in my image galleries, but if it is something else, I might. Ask me via Email.

>> Will you make me an image, or help me with my site?

Actually it depends. If I am busy, I probably won't. But If I am in a good mood, maybe. See, so many people ask me this question, and it is really hard to keep up with these requests. If you want image or webpage help, I strongly recommend that you look for an SM page with free web graphics help before coming to me.

>> Will you be able to put up any fanart I send of Galaxia?

I would be delighted to ^_^. I would build a Galaxia fanart gallery if I had enough donations.

>> Can you link my page/Join my club/webring?

For linking: If you have a Sailorgalaxia/Animamates webpage that is not listed in my list of links, then sure. If it is a non-Sailorgalaxia/Animamates webpage, then I'm afraid I cannot.
For joining clubs: I would be delighted to, as long as it is a SM related club. I'd especially love to join any Sailorgalaxia/Animamate clubs, but I am afraid there are not too many out there.
For joining webrings: Yes, again as long as it is SM related ^_^

>> Can I directly link to your files?

Absolutely not. I do not have the bandwidth for that kind procedure. It also slows up loading time due to traffic. Besides, Tripod won't let you do so.

>> Can I Email you?

Absolutely. Feel free to Email me at any time, whether it is a concern or anything. But please, do not send me an essay, because I have very little patience with reading long Emails. I will absolutely NOT respond to long chain letters and forwards. Firstly it takes up too much space, and secondly they are rather pointless. Sorry. ^_^

>> Can I use some of your ideas to create my own page?

No. I hope you do not use any of the ideas that I have presented in this shrine, and that you do follow my policy to keep everything smooth, and keep golden.light original ^_^.

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