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Welcome to the Galaxia image gallery. Within here, you can find numerous Sailorgalaxia related images. Most of the pictures contained within here are screen shots that other people have taken. To these people, I extend my gratitude. If you would like to use any of these pictures, please give me credit on your page, as these are not my pictures to give. I highly recommend that you go to the credits section to see the people who have helped me build this rather large gallery. Thank you for your understanding.

Devious Galaxia with a star seed
Smiling and resting
A famous Galaxia picture
Manga good Galaxia
Galaxia on a cover
Galaxia with one arm up
A profile of Galaxia
Galaxia shocked
Galaxia looking on
Once again, Galaxia looking on
Whoa, close up! ^_^
Standing and looking on
Pointing at a light
My all time favourite picture! *_*
Good Galaxia awaken
Galaxia’s nifty bracelets
Good Galaxia reaching out
Good Galaxia reaching further…
Chaos/Galaxia in shock
Chaos/Galaxia and Usagi
Chaos/Galaxia being healed
Chaos/Galaxia with her sword
Galaxia peeved badly ^_-
One big and hairy looking bat!
Serene Galaxia
Galaxia and her sexy hair! 0.0
Galaxia, Usagi, and ChibiChibi
Whoa, she’s gonna eat that thing!
Cold, cold, cold Galaxia
Powering her nifty bracelets

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