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Leaving so soon...? Fine. So that you won't waste your time trying to find entertaining sites on the internet, I will recommend sites that I think would entertain you. Below are lists of websites that are specified by categories. Click on the link to follow to it's location. All the sites linked here are wonderful... so please enjoy.

Find a link to...


>> The Legend of Galaxia
>> Iron Will: A Mousey Site
>> Mouse Trap
>> Crow's Nest
>> planet mermaid
>> Aluminum Mermaid
>> The Slippery Mermaid
>> Krazy Kitty
>> Golden Eyes

...other character-specific
>> Lake of Illusions
>> Evolution
>> Hourglass
>> Ultraviolet
>> Turbulence
>> Grapes of Wrath
>> Memoirs of a Fish

...miscellaneous sailormoon
>> Silver Moonlight
>> The Small Lady
>> AQ Worst of the Web

>> Stardust
>> haruko no tengoku
>> Risky Gamble
>> Drama Queen
>> Mokuzen Web Design
>> Eternity Network
>> Annland

>> A Thousand Words
>> B*Witched Zone

charles' sailorneptune shrine
the horizons network
fade to stardust

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