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What's in a name? The following is an in-depth analysis of the name, "Galaxia". The following analysis was produced by the webmasters of

So if you have the name Galaxia...

The name of Galaxia has given you the desire for creative, artistic or musical expression in an original way. You strive to be different and have the self-confidence to implement your ideas because you have the perseverance necessary to see something through, despite obstacles. Although you meet new people easily, it is not easy for you to maintain a relaxed, harmonious relationship. With increased familiarity you are inclined to speak your mind in a forthright, sometimes argumentative manner which creates annoyance and often hard feelings. In an argument, you usually emerge victor, but at a cost. This name does not offer the softness of expression for long-lasting compatibility in close associations. Any weakness physically would be centred in the skin and liver, or in the head causing head colds, sinus conditions, headaches, or hay fever.

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