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You can read about the famous notable quotables that the golden queen has said. Special thanks to Hitoshi Doi for special translations for these quotes. Who knows, you might learn a little something from Galaxia. ^_^

"Get the real star seed, so we can take over the galaxy."
-Sailorstars Episode 175

"You understand what I'm after. Then you know that you only have a couple chances left."
-Sailorstars Episode 180

"The galaxy belongs to me, Sailorgalaxia. If you don't want to be like this, don't disobey me."
-Sailorstars Episode 181

"Shut up! I don't need any incompetents."
-Sailorstars Episode 187

"I feel her. No matter how many star seeds I get, I can't take over the galaxy if she exists."
-Sailorstars Episode 193

"Why is the energy gathering on a planet like this? I have to hurry."
-Sailorstars Episode 194

"Listen. The whole galaxy belongs to me. I won't allow the ugliness as you."
-Sailorstars Episode 196

Sailormoon: "Why?"
Galaxia: "Why? The guy who had this star seed was asking the same thing."
-Sailorstars Episode 197

"The galaxy belongs to me. I'm free to do as I please."
-Sailorstars Episode 197

"If you have these bracelets that contain my power, you can live even if you don't have your star seed."
-Sailorstars Episode 197

"I'm the strongest Sailor Senshi in the galaxy, the legendary Sailor Senshi, Galaxia!"
-Sailorstars Episode 198

"Peace returned to the galaxy, but there was nobody that she can rely on. She had to reconstruct the galaxy herself...then she gathered the star seed in the galaxy and became powerful. Yes, I'm the legendary Sailor Senshi!"
-Sailorstars Episode 199

"Where are you going to escape to? The galaxy belongs to me. There's nowhere to escape."
-Sailorstars Episode 199

"We're the same? You insect! I created the future for the galaxy. I'm like a god."
-Sailorstars Episode 199

"This can't be. The only light that can compete against me. The light that I released to the edge of the galaxy."
-Sailorstars Episode 199

"Go fly off, my star, the light of hope. Go to someone who will wrap you gently, to the one of love and justice."
-Sailorstars Episode 200

"But you can't beat me with power. This body belongs to the strongest senshi in the galaxy, Sailorgalaxia."
-Sailorstars Episode 200

"You don't have the courage and pride of a senshi."
-Sailorstars Episode 200

"With a glitter that is only as strong as that, you won't be able to light up the galaxy."
-Sailorstars Episode 200

"I love it too. This world. I love this world...I can see it Sailormoon, your glitter. The warm and gentle light."
-Sailorstars Episode 200

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