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Name: Horie Mitsuko

Birthdate: March 8th, 1957

Birthplace: Japan

Height: 153 cm.

Weight: 43 kg.

Blood Type: AB

Unfortunately, the is not much known about Sailorgalaxia's seiyuu, or voice actress, Horie Mitsuko. In brief, she was born on March 8th, 1957 which makes her 42 years old. She is 153 cm. tall, and is 43 kg. heavy. Her blood type is AB. Horie has worked on many important anime roles, such as Upa from the anime, Dragonball, Pollyana from the anime, Pollyana, Hilda from Saint Seiya, and Lalabelle from Magic Girl Lalabelle.

I really like her voice acting as Galaxia. I have not seen and heard her voice as other anime casted roles, but I have heard much of her voice as Galaxia. She has the ability to sound evil as a monotone voice, which is a good quality in sounding evil. As you know, Sailorgalaxia was evil, and she needed a voice that would lift her and express her true evil. Horie did the job, and I recommend that if you have not yet, hear her role as Galaxia.

If you have further information regarding Horie-San, please contact me.

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