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Galaxia is the evil golden queen in the last arc of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Stars. Together with the Animamates, (Sailor Ironmouse, Sailor Aluminumsiren, Sailor Leadcrow, and Sailor Tinnyanko) their mission was to hunt down the remaining star seeds which she hasnít yet obtained, that would allow her to completely take over the whole universe. In the beginning of this arc, Galaxia revives Queen Neherenia and sends her to Earth to steal Sailorsaturnís star seed. After Neherenia, she sends down to Earth the Animamates to hunt down the rest of the star seeds. Much like Queen Berylís henchmen, the Animamates were useless, but in cases, were helpful to Galaxia. Tired of their failure, Galaxia kills the Animamates separately.

Galaxiaís story continued to develop in each episode. Viewers learned that Galaxia had lived during the era known as the Sailor Wars. During this time, universal battles were fought. The source of the Sailor Wars are traced back to an evil and extremely powerful being known as Chaos. Chaosí intent was to completely dominate the universe and make itís inhabitants her minions. As heroes fell, Chaos was feared more and as timed passed. She was clearly the most powerful being at that time. A noble woman named Sailor Galaxia, the senshi of the galaxy, had the courage and the valor to stand up against Chaos. Since Galaxia was the guardian of the galaxy, she believed she had enough power within her to defeat this monstrous being. The danger was great, and the outcome was very unpredictable.

Sailor Galaxia and Chaosí battle displayed the immense war between pure good and evil. Galaxia, being the proud warrior overcame the monster of the universe, by driving the sword into Chaos. Chaos, would not die, so Galaxia knew that the only way to be forever rid of Chaos was to seal it inside within herself, her soul. Being as selfless as she was, for the future of the entire universe, she did that very thing, and Chaos disintegrated from the universe that day sealed inside Galaxiaís noble heart. From there on out, the future of life itself prevailed and lived on. But was Chaos really goneÖ?

Sailor Galaxia, however could not handle the rampage of Chaos within her. Chaos began and kept tearing at her soul. Galaxia began to succumb to the will and evil of Chaos, and the only way to be rid of Chaos was to release her from her soul, which was not an option. If Galaxia released Chaos, Chaos would once again try to have complete authority over the universe. Galaxiaís beauty and pure goodness were being diminished, so she decided to release her star seed into space which contained every aspect of good within her. Chaos would not be able to obtain it. Galaxia had lost the battle with Chaos, and Chaos took over her body. Chaos had advised her and influenced her. Galaxia had become the universeís greatest foe, and soon the world would fall to both Galaxia and Chaos. Galaxia became a servant of Chaos, by wearing golden bracelets to be controlled.

Galaxia had collected senshi as servants forcing them to wear her golden bracelets promising them power beyond their imagining. Eventually they gave in to serving her. Failure resulted in death. Across the galaxy she collected star seeds, almost complete. Her last task was to collect the star seeds of Earth, and then her reign over the whole universe would be completed. As soon as she came to Earth, the animamates helped Galaxia in finding the remaining star seeds. Galaxia had waged war with the Sailor Senshi, Eternal Sailormoon, the inners, outers, and the stars by calling them to war. The first victim of Galaxiaís wrath was Tuxedo Kamen. Tuxedo Kamenís star seed had been claimed as property of Galaxia, and Mamoruís spirit had become separate from his body.

In the final episodes of BSSM Stars, the Sailor Senshi had their final battle with Galaxia. The first to perish were the inner Senshi. Like a swoop, Galaxia had taken the inner Senshiís star seeds effortlessly. Galaxiaís hopes heightened because the Sailor Soldiers were the last hope of the galaxy. The more powerful outer Senshi had also fallen to the mighty power of Galaxia. The fall of the outers was much more dramatic. Sailorneptune and Sailoruranus had considered working for Galaxia in her quest for world domination. Sailorpluto and Sailorsaturn were very confused and frightened of their teammatesí ideas. Immediately, Sailorneptune and Sailoruranus agreed to work for Galaxia and turned on Sailorpluto and Sailorsaturn. Refusing to fight their friends, Sailorpluto and Sailorsaturn surrendered and allowed Galaxia to take their star seeds.

The Senshi were divided. Hope was beginning to be distant. Sailoruranus and Sailorneptune were the new henchmen of Galaxia. But that was soon, not to be the case. Sailorneptune and Sailoruranus used their betrayal as a diversion to defeat Galaxia. But Neptune and Uranus fell to the immense power of Galaxia, and lost their very own star seeds.

By the time of their death, Chaos had completely taken over Galaxiaís body, turning into a bat-like creature, and golden armor turning into dark colours. Sailormoon, proved to be a troublesome, because of her refusal to fight Chaos. Chibi Chibi turned into a sword for Sailormooon to fight in order to urge her to combat. But still, Sailormoon refused. Sailormoon finally fought for her friends in her princess outfit. Usagiís outfit was then torn by Chaos, which resulted Usagi fighting nude. Usagi then developed angelic wings and found the true Galaxia within Chaos, that had been long buried beneath it. Together in their unison, they managed to defeat the all-powerful Chaos one last time, and Galaxia emerged in her true form, with pure good within her. Chaos is a force that would never die, so Usagi and Galaxia scattered Chaos across the universe into everyoneís heart.

The galaxy was once again saved from the consumption of evil because of the nobility of Galaxia and Usagi.

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