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Latest Update: 11.17.99
Whoa, imagine to my surprise, when I was cruising within The Small Lady review, in what now appears to be Evil Hotaru, when I looked through the reviewed websites, and this very site was reviewed by Evil Teddy Bear. It got a/an B+/A-! I'm so proud! ^_^ They are so nice, hehe (:P), and you can review their review of this site here. It's the first time this site has been reviewed, and probably will be the last. :P

Update: 12.16.99
Whoa, updates have been scarce. For that I'm sorry. Anyway, the links have been modified, and Episode 200 and Humor are yet to come. They are scheduled for release in December along with the third edition of this sitey.

Update: 10.17.99
New sections on their way: Episode 200, and Humor coming soon... ^_^ Some revisions done to some of the content.

Update: 10.07.99
New main layout, which I hope you like. Email me on more suggestions you have! I would really love to hear from your ideas and viewpoints! Thank you.

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